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You can check the version of IE you have by clicking on the help menu of Internet Explorer then About Internet Explorer.

If you are now using a Internet Explorer 10 you will need to do the following before your edit toolbar will work:
Open Internet Explorer from the desktop (not the start screen if you are using windows 8) then go to, and login to your edit pages, once in, click on the compatibility icon in the address bar (see image below), the page will reload, and may say Authorization Failed,  you just need to login again, but it should work now. you will only need to do this the one time.


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Or Upgrade to IE11

If you are using a Internet Explorer 10 you may have some problems with your edit toolbar not responding when you click on an icon, this can be fixed by upgrading to Internet Explorer 11, you can download it here:


Once IE11 is installed you may still have some minor issues with your edit pages, these can be fixed by clicking on the tools menu of IE, then on Compatibility View Settings, then click on add this site. You can then close the box.

If you need any assistance at all please let me know. Mark@DogWebs.net


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