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Expand window
The first button on the Body of page tool bar will enlarge the Body of page window, to allow for easier editing, you will need to press the button again when finished editing, to enable you to view, and use the Save button. The page will not save until you have clicked on the save button.

Image Folders
Instead of having all your images in the one folder in your asset manager, if you look at the top in your asset manager, you will see it is possible to add more folders, you could also make a separate folder for your PDF doc and word docs as needed. Image

Opening Links
You can open any link in a new tab/window by right clicking on the link then selecting "Open in a new tab (or Window)" this can be handy if you need to look at a Help file while editing a page.

How to delete a photo from a page.
You can use the delete button or backspace buttons on your keyboard to delete a photo from a page.
Click on the photo in edit and hit the delete button on your keyboard.


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