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Your site is submitted to the major search engines, when payment for the site is made.

A meta tag Title and description are added to your site, these can be change at anytime on request.

Meta tag keywords are not really used by the major search engines, so are not necessary, Google uses the words that display on your site as keywords, so make sure you have your preferred keywords and phases incorporated into the text that displays on your site.
Other things to consider are getting your website address listed in as many places as possible, such as other sites, or in forums. Have your domain name on your email signature, this way when ever you make a posting on a forum or something similar, your web address will be included.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your site up to date, the search engines will visit more often if your content has changed each time it visits, aim for weekly changes or additions, they only need to be minor.

If you ever do any advertising, be sure to include your Domain name, this can make it twice as effective as it gives people something to look at, and don't forget your business cards also need your domain name on them.


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