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The best way to add video to your site is to use
Set up an account with You Tube to upload and store your videos.

When you have uploaded your video, you will need to get the embed code to add to your site, when the code is added to a page the video will display on that page.

To get the embed code for a video, go to the video on YouTube, click on the share button below the video, then click on the embed button, select the options you would like below the code, then copy the code.
This is the code you add to your site.

Now go to the edit page for the page that you would like to add the video to.

In the Body of Page (HTML) field, place you curser in the field where you would like the video, find the View/Edit Source button it looks a bit like this <> it is the last button on the top row.

Press the View/Edit Source button, in the box that comes up, click on the paste button, this adds the code to the page click OK.

Then to save the page click on the Save button.

The video will now show on that page.


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