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To add a link in a page, place the text for the link in the Body of Page HTML field, then highlight the text by holding the mouse button down and moving it across the text, now click on the link button, (it is the one that looks like a link of a chain), in the source field add the address for the link, the drop down box lets you select if it is http://  for a web address or mailto: for an email address link, leave the drop down box empty if link is to another page in this website. Click insert, then OK to apply the link.

When adding a link to an email address, you can also populate the subject field by adding ?Subject= after the address in the source field, then the Subject, so the address would look like this so when it gets click on, subject field in this case would have Website displaying in the subject field.

Adding a link to a page in your website.

Open the edit page, for the page you would like to add a link on. Highlight the text (hold down the mouse button and move over the text) you would like as a link, click on the link button (the one that looks like the link of a chain)

In the box that comes up you will see the Source field has two parts, leave the first (the drop down) blank, now in the second part of the source field type Index.asp?ID=

Now we need to add the page ID, move your curser over the Preview link for the page we are adding a link to, (do not click), if you look at the bottom left hand side of you browser you will see the page address will appear, as you move the curser over the preview link, note the number at the end, and add it to your link so it will look like this (if the page was ID 10)  Index.asp?ID=10 click insert, then OK, and save the page.

You can add a link from a picture in the same way, instead of highlighting text click on the image on the edit page, then add the link the same way as shown above.

A shortcut to the above, is to right click the preview link for the page you would like to link to, select copy, then right click in the source field (where you add the address) and select paste.

Highlight the name in the preview column (place the curser next to the name and while holding the button down move it over the name) release the button, now place the curser back on the highlighted name, and hold the button down, now drag it into the body of page field & release the button, this will create a link for you.

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