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To add a Scrolling text field anywhere in the Body of page field, copy the following line of code from the box below:

Highlight the text, then right click, and select copy.

Now open the edit form for the page you would like to add the Scrolling text too.

In the Body of Page (HTML) field, find the View/Edit Source button it looks a bit like this <> it is the last button on the top row.

Press the View/Edit Source button. In the box that comes up, click on the paste button, this adds the code to the page click OK.

Now double click on the text (Scrolling text Box) and change it to any text you would like.

Then to save the page click on the Save button.

Remember to save the page before previewing.

Note: This field can sometimes restrict the formatting capabilities of the text in your body of page field, if you are have this trouble, remove the field, and then add it back, when you have finished editing the rest of the page.

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