Adding a Link to another page in your website (Back to Help Page) (Print Page)

You will first need to add the page you wish to link to.

Once you have added the new page it will be showing in your list of pages on the left of your edit page.

Now open the page you wish to make the link from.

In your list of pages on the left there are three columns, the first is the edit column, the second is the display column, the last is the Preview column.

Highlight the name of the page you wish to link to, in the preview column list, (place the curser next to the name and while holding the button down move it over the name) release the button, now place the curser back on the highlighted name, and hold the left button down, now drag it into the body of page field & release the button, this will create a link for you.

When you have finished editing you will need to save the page.

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