Adding a New Page. (Back to Help Page) (Print Page)

To add a new page to your website, click on the Add a New Page link on the left above your current list of pages.

This will bring up the New Page form, on the form you will see three fields, "Button Label/Page name:" is the first field, this where you would put the page name, this field will display on the button.


The second field is the Display field, this field will determine if the page will display on the site, select No if the page is not ready to be display yet, or if the page does not need a button, or select a number, this will determine the order the page will display, with 1 displaying at the top of the list.

The third field, is the Body of Page HTML field, this is where you would add the information, text & images you would like on the page.

When finished click the Save button at the bottom of the form.

Do not Preview the page, until you have Saved the page, or what you have just added will be lost.

Edit an Existing Page

To Edit and existing page, look at the list of pages currently on the left, click on the page name you wish to edit, this will bring up a form showing what is currently on the page, change anything as needed, remember to click the Save Button when finished.

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